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Which is less expensive: Amazon or self-hosted? The start-up angle

I read today a wonderful article about AWS (iaas) vs self hosted solution , the pros and cons money wise.

Couple of points regarding the discussion that relates directly to startups:

  1. The author recommends for spiky/unknown/unproven loads to stay with the public cloud,later in the comments he adds: “ …let’s the the situation of an early-stage business. While I’ve referred to “spiky” loads, there’s another way to say that which is “variable”, “unknown” or “unproven” loads which describes the situation that a startup usually finds itself in. In those cases, the fact that you cannot forecast very well is the reason why it’s unlikely you’ll save money by self-hosting…because you’re very unlikely to buy the right amount of capacity.
  2. He is talking here mainly about infrastructure as a service (iaas), one major point that I think he overlooked here is that many startups don’t want to deal with the provisioning and machine preparations (you still have to do that under iaas), we want to be lean and quick to market, I would prefer to pay more money for platform as a service (paas like app engine) and deal with writing the actual business logic.
  3. Disaster recovery is also important, the ability to spread your machine across several geographical areas is costly.
  4. No matter how you’ll look at it, there is a good chance that as a startup you’ll use cloud api for your business, there are so many services today that cuts down your dev time and are only available as public api on the cloud. A good example might be google analytics. So you can’t really escape it.


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Best place to bootstrap a startup

The university

Where I live every couple of weeks a new entrepreneurship hub is opening its gates, promising a quiet place, free wifi, free coffee and best of all a place where you’ll keep your creative juices flowing, hey, after all being in an environment that drives innovation forward got to be a good place.

But as we all know for startups everything comes down to money (sorry, that’s the harsh reality), these places cost couple of bucks that can be spent wisely in different places (pizza for example), so the university sounds like a perfect place… it’s free.

I know, I know, many would prefer to be ran over by a bus then to go back to the university, but it’s a simple common sense, you have free wifi (in most universities where I live), cheap coffee and food (after all these are students, probably in worse condition than me) , white boards, desks and above all the wonderful feeling of innovations and cutting edge that universities has.

So why not ?

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