Using any Java paas solution for the time being locks you down

After reading this paas comparison and some others about various paas solutions currently on the market I want to clarify an important point regarding portability of AWS based applications (CloudBees and Beanstalk).

If your application uses a standard rational database and a standard ec2 instance then you are fine and your application is probably highly portable, however the moment you want to use features like nosql, blob/static storage and messaging then you have to use proprietary api.

  • CloudBees in case of nosql DB has support for MongoDB and couchDB via external support, however Beanstalk has a proprietary nosql db called simpleDB.
  • In case of static storage both platforms support S3 which has its own api.
  • and in case of messaging you have sqs which again has its own api.

Any java paas solution today locks you down somehow, I do agree that the lack of full Java EE/SE stack on app engine is worse than the above mentioned, but it’s important to remember that all paas solutions require some kind of proprietary api.


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One response to “Using any Java paas solution for the time being locks you down

  1. Raj

    Any PaaS will cause vendor lock-in and some cases cloud lock-in. Cumulogic provides standard Java Application platform with all benefits of PaaS but eliminates any chance if vendor lock-in. Culogic provides entire Java EE stack with multi-cloud support. You can check out details at

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