Reduced size of Twitter for Android lib

One of the biggest problem with the previous implementation was that it used both Oauth and Twitter4J, the end result was a big APK file.

I’ve changed the code (you can download it from here) and removed Oauth, I’m using now Twitter4J version 2.2.2 which has built in support for OAuth,

In addition a new method was added which enables you to retrieve an initialized twitter object with the correct access token. See example:

Twitter twitter = TwitterUtils.getTwitterObject(activity, consumerKey, consumerSecret);
// Indicates that user was not authenticated
if (twitter == null) {
	Log.e(Constants.TAG, "User is not twitter authenticated");
	Toast toast = Toast.makeText(activity, "Please authenticate yourself first.", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);;
else {
	// User the twitter object to do your bidding.

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